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Lou Ott Baseball trains and conditions aspiring All-Stars ages 7 and up to achieve athletic merit in the sport of baseball. Through private instruction and group training, LOB combines physical and mental aspects of the sport to initiate players major league aspirations.

by Lou Ott

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Jay Higdon (a grateful parent) He has worked with Scott on every single facet of the sport, from the correct hitting posture and... READ_MORE
John Ballard  This fall, he batted .379 with 13 RBI's, 12 runs scored, OBP .561, 11 BB and only 4 K's in... READ_MORE
Mike Mattingly: After only three lessons, Ben has gone from batting just under .250 to .385, Lou, I wanted to... READ_MORE
Crissie Underwood ..."yep, I need a sign on me that says danger." haha.  Just wanted to Thank you again! You... READ_MORE
Flash Roberts Louisville Jets - Men’s Senior Baseball League: Lou has the uncanny ability to look at your swing and immediately diagnose the problem Before I... READ_MORE
Fred M. Cuzick: Thanks again Coach Huber, you are the best!!! Being a dad that never played baseball, I wanted... READ_MORE
Heather Calvert: Lou is an Excellent instructor, role model and mentor for anyone.... Lou is an Excellent... READ_MORE
Troy Ethington: Jason has done a wonderful job working with both my 12 and 9 year old boys..... Jason has done... READ_MORE
Tammy and Marty Truax: Jason is a great coach! Jason is a great coach! I have seen improvement from Josh in just a... READ_MORE
Sean Purtell: Lou’s work ethic and ability to connect with any kid of any age make him a role model for... READ_MORE
Jeremiah Byrne 7U Bats: Thank you so much for your work this year with Jax and Jamu.  Thank you so much for your... READ_MORE
Randy Sandifer: They have seen their batting average go up by almost 100 points..... "As a father of three... READ_MORE
Nicki Greenwell ".....he is a great addition for you." I wanted to let you know that Jacob loved Travis today.... READ_MORE
Caroline Lampe Purtell: Anyone in Kentucky is lucky to have him to help you!! Wish he was still here in Petaluma to help... READ_MORE
Scott Robinson Louisville Bats I suggest anyone that is looking for baseball instruction to contact Lou. Lou has worked with my... READ_MORE
Susan Klein Crowe: Lou and Jason do an awesome job at making players better Lou and Jason do an awesome job at... READ_MORE
My Personal Narrative My Personal Narrative -- Coach Travis Brown   A hero, a person who is admired or idealized... READ_MORE
Greg Allen: From the very first meeting I was impressed with his knowledge and insight to hitting as well as... READ_MORE
Michelle: Our family is grateful for all you do! my 13U son Jonathan has been working with Jason over... READ_MORE
Jeff Ellison: Where champions are born! READ_MORE
John Ecken Louisville, KY: Lou was able to get him in a better batting position and he explained things to him My 8 year... READ_MORE
Terry Knipp: Now, he's going to the plate with confidence and the belief that he's going to hit the... READ_MORE
Bobby Catchot: Colin is hitting the ball with more power and more consistency Lou, I wanted to let you know... READ_MORE
John Juvera Coach 10u Bats: You have a gift in your coaching style that builds these players up while teaching them technical... READ_MORE
Fred Cuzick: There are hitting coaches and then there is Lou Ott.  Lou is the best hitting coach we... READ_MORE
Kevin & Michelle Klemenok: The turnaround of how my boys now approach hitting has been remarkable. The turnaround of how my... READ_MORE
Jeff Waring: Within a few lessons Jason had Nathan's form improved 100%.  If you're a dad who never... READ_MORE
A grateful Dad: Lou’s customized instruction on hitting mechanics.... “Lou has done more to produce positive... READ_MORE
Matt Duke Lou, just so you know...you have a reputation of being the best instructor around and everyone... READ_MORE
Glenn Newberry: The gift that Lou has reaching young people is a true gift. I do not know where to start with... READ_MORE
CB Williams J-Town Elite/Rec Baseball: Lou made an impact on Hayden’s stance, swing and confidence We met Lou this past winter when our... READ_MORE
David Crider: Both Lou and Jason were very helpful with my son and 10 other boys on our team. We really enjoyed... READ_MORE
Joe Joaquim Petaluma,CA: When Chris hit his first homerun, his first phone call was to Lou. I would like to thank Lou for... READ_MORE
Linda Kempf "That was awesome!  I loved it...."  I just wanted to ask you to please pass this on... READ_MORE
Tom Watson: make adjustments that have allowed my son to be a more consistent hitter. Lou Ott has helped my... READ_MORE

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 Private Baseball Lessons

After playing baseball for all my life, I have made the decision to retire from playing the game I love. Now my focus is to help and teach the ballplayers of today/tomorrow.

I'm not walking away from being a baseball player, I'm just branching out and sharing my love of the game from a different coaching perspective.

To all of my baseball students out there...you guys now have me 24/7


 Private Baseball Lessons
 Private Baseball Lessons  Private Baseball Lessons  Private Baseball Lessons
 Private Baseball Lessons  Private Baseball Lessons  Private Baseball Lessons